Welcome to the Joy Laking Gallery.  In the summer months we keep regular hours but this time of year we are only open by appointment.  Please email us for information.

Joy and her husband Jim Wyatt are off to Ghana, Africa in the near future.  You can access the Joy Laking Gallery Facebook page on the website or directly here (link to Joy Laking Gallery Facebook Page if possible) if you want to come along vicariously.  Often times, it seems as if Jim and I are totally different trips you might want to follow Jim's blog as well.


Here is a link to a time-lapse video of me painting an oil at Shortt's Lake.

Recently I took a wonderful trip to England, where I visited the birthplaces of my Grandma and Grandpa Henderson and the birthplaces of Jim's grandparents. Click here to see Joy's paintings, sketches, and word pictures from her recent trip to England.

Jim’s blog is here