2007 Workshop Review

The May workshop is now over and it was a total success. Jim and I reorganized the gallery and turned it into a workshop space and ten participants worked and learned and laughed and soaked up everything that I could think of that might help them. It was an ideal group—a nice cross section of abilities and experience. Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted everything to be perfect—even the food. I spent a heap of time ahead perusing cookbooks and every morning at six, I was up making bread and getting the noon meal organized. The curried chicken with apple and potatoes was a hit as was the barbequed salmon. Jim did the salmon and it was the best I've ever eaten.

workshopmay07-3_textmedium         workshopmay075_textmedium

I challenged the group the first day for their daily art exercise. They were to do a full sheet painting plus preliminary planning of three beach treasures all completed in one hour. No one in the group had done a full sheet painting before let alone in one hour.

The second day, they were challenged to do six small pen and wash paintings of different subjects found around the house.

Day three, Jim agreed to sit for us for the hour and they sculpted him in plasticine and then they did a sketch in white and black conte on grey paper from the Marquette—ala Degas.

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At the start of the workshop, I gave everyone a “guaranteed magic Brush” and I used the same brush for all my demonstrations. This did seem to inspire everyone. I also think that keeping a journal sketch book can be invaluable so for this workshop I gave everyone a book like the one that I use and a pen, like the pen I use and I encouraged them to start using it with notes about the workshop. Ideas on keeping a Journal/Sketchbook