September 16th, 2007

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Lots of stuff that I wanted to put in the journal has happened lately but I’ve been too busy painting to stop and write it down. One day recently I was sitting on the edge of the bank in Soley Town capturing the low tide in paint when suddenly I realized that it was four hours later and what I was looking at was high tide! I stopped the low tide painting and did a high tide one. Then after finishing high tide, I went back and finished low tide.


 Also last week, I painted my favourite porch in Great Village. One of the best parts of painting here is having tea and a chin wag with Donalda. This particular day, she had a small bouquet of nasturtiums. I was gob smacked with the colours. I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Since then, I’ve been photographing nasturtiums, painting nasturtiums and dying wool to hook nasturtiums.



This morning I was finally forced to sit in one spot.my_on_asthma_machine_painti_textmedium My asthma is out of control and has been for several weeks and I haven’t made time to stop and use my asthma machine.

This morning I was forced to have twenty minutes sitting in my chair in the bedroom. There was this wonderful early morning light on the marsh. I started with a quick sketch in my journal

quick sketch of view from bed room

While I was doing it, I knew it needed to be in colour and so I got my purse paints and captured the light. Already the lighting has completely changed and that elusive early morning glow is gone.