September 22nd, 2008

Rocks at Chebucto Head
Yesterday I had a marvelous afternoon sitting at Chebucto Head; my favourite spot in the world. The autumn colours are creeping into the low growing foliage. The ferns are glowing orange, the cranberries are red and delicious and the white granite pokes out here and there and slides down to the ocean.- the Atlantic Ocean; deep and blue and rolling in against the rock, the white sizzle of breaking waves accenting the edge, the spot where ocean meets rock. I’ve always loved sitting at Chebucto Head. Once I brought a childhood friend and “our” six kids here in the pouring rain. Once I saw a huge great blue whate. Once sadly, I was robbed here. It’s the solidness of the rock and the continual rolling of the ocean, even on a calm day, that seems to put life into balance. I’m a speck and the world is as it should.

Although a rock behind me was calling to be painted, I didn’t want my back to the ocean. I wanted the hours to soak it up and so I did a half sheet of rock, foliage and ocean. Then when I was freezing cold, I stayed a bit longer and did a fast quarter sheet of the rock against the sky with the blaze of orange fern in front. Eventually I was shaking from the cold and trudged back to the car. With the seat heater on 5 and the car heater on hot, I gradually warmed up. When I returned home and looked at the paintings, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with them. This morning I spent the morning doing the shine and polish to these two paintings and now I love them.