October 7th, 2008

The last two paintings for the Open House, Mirium Sleeping (3) and Laundry, were finished this morning. Now I can start hanging the Open House Exhibition. My three dimentional piece, "Sea Set" is far from finished but with these quirky peices, I have no idea just how I'm going to do them so they can't be rushed. I'll just putter away on it until it's done no matter how long it takes.

With Mirumn, I initially saw her sleeping in a hammock last February in the Amazon Bazin area of Bolivia. Something about her pose seemed classis, timeless, beautiful. I did a small sketchmiriumsleeping19 . After she woke up I asked her if I could take her photo and she lay back down and feigned sleep. Recently I used these photos to do a painting Mirium Sleeping (2).Mirium SleepingWhen I was done this painting, I sifted throught the sketches and found the sketch of Mirum Sleeping. There was a classis simplified presence that I didn't feel that I catured in the more realistic Mirium (2) and so I decided to also try to get this quality in Mirium (3).Miriuj Sleeping (3) em  This painting is a bit like Diego Rivera's paintings of women. For me it feels sculptural. Even the way I've been working on it has been sculptural; a little colour on and a little colour off. I am still intimitated to paint people ever since 1989 when the curator of my art Gallery of Nova Scotia exhibition didn't want my people paintings in my exhibition there. My people paintings may not be polished or perfect like easy porches with sunlit chairs but they have emotion and I love them because of the struggle to capture a feeling.

The other painting, "Laundry" was started on location last week. A couple of weeks ago I noticed this clothes line and the view of our Bay when a friend, Dan, was giving me some vegetables from his garden.
 I went back last Saturday with some clothes for the line and pegs and set to work. Although the day was sunny and glorious it was also cool and soon I was a shivering zombie. This will be my last on location painting for this year. It was all I could do to drag all the stuff back to the car. Luckily, my car has a seat heater. A seat heater is a wonderful thing for all artists who paint in the cold and then stumble to their cars to get warm. In this painting called Laundry, I love the fast loose sky and foliage done on location coupled with the blowing laundry done today back in the studio.