November 7th, 2008

The past several weeks have extremely busy ones. I survived another Open House Exhibition (our 20th) and once the exhibition was all hung and labeled I was very please with the work. Each year, I worry that I won’t have a spectacular show and that I’ll disappoint myself. It’s a relief that so far, it has always managed to come together.

Diligent River
Last week I celebrated the end of the busy 2008 season with a visit from my sister, Nancy. It was marvelous to see her. Also my sister is an economist and always has heaps of business ideas for me. One we decided to try was to offer free shipping of paintings (over $ 500) and free shipping of unframed prints anywhere in North America between November 30 and December 10. Nancy and I went on two outings. I was lusting to see the new fossil museum at Joggins. It was a beautiful drive. The Blueberry foliage was just glowing red.

Then on Saturday we had lunch at Peggy’s Cove before I took Nancy to the airport. This trip also inspired a new painting, “Lighthouse”.

It feels so wonderful to get back into my little studio full time. I’m enjoying the space, the music, the art on the walks and creating new stuff.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon drinking tea with some visitors from Parkland Estates in Truro.

 folks at gallery

One older gentleman reminded me of my Grandfather. Maybe it was his northern British accent or maybe it was his smile but it was like having a visit with family.

Also last week I found out I had been selected to receive the 2008 Woman of Excellence Award in the Arts and Culture category from the HalifaxCornwallis Progress Club. Jim and I will attend the presentation ceremony in Halifax in a couple of weeks. Thank you to those who nominated me.