October 22, 2009

JoyCatherine&MyrnaatArtist'sChatemWell the first weekend of the open house is over and yesterday I hosted my first ever artist chat afternoon.  It was a good time; full of laughs and mutual support.  Eleven folks participated, including Jim and I!  One of the highlights was that Catherine McMillen, an old artist friend from Halifax joined us.  At eighty-two, she is still going strong and credits her painting with keeping her going.


Today I finished up a flower painting that I had wanted to get done for the open house.  Oh well, it will be up on the walls for the second weekend.  It’s so hard to go back to a painting that has been left to sit for a couple of months.  I feel like bursting out and doing something really wild and creative but instead I was trying to invent flowers and leaves that were frosted at least a month ago.  In the end, it’s a peaceful painting that almost seemed to require my old traditional framing instead of the new contemporary molding.