April 13, 2009

Well we have been home from South America for a month.  And from the new 2009 paintings you can see that I have been heavily influenced by the trip since I am still working on images from the traveling.  When we were almost ready to come home, I remember thinking that traveling is such hard work.  Maybe I’ll never want to travel again.  Now that we’ve been back for a month and I have all the marvelous photos in an album, I’m quite ready to hop on another plane and go somewhere, anywhere.


The past three days, we have been privileged to see our world through different eyes.  We have two visitors staying with us from China.  On the first day we took them to a pancake house for maple syrup, pancakes and beans.  When I saw Bee struggling to pick up a pancake with a fork, I remembered all our eating adventures when we were in South America; for example the time Jim ordered red beer in perfectly correct Spanish and the waitress brought him a newspaper!  Yesterday I took Bee and Spring to church to see an Easter Sunday service.  Not only did they get to see a full emersion baptism, they also got the Halleluiah  chorus complete with drums and brass ensemble and two fabulous choirs.  Today, we bundled them up in warm coats and hats, mitts and boots and took them for a walk by the coast in the howling wind and blowing snow.  I wonder what stories they will tell their friends about their time with us in rural Nova Scotia.