June 10th, 2008

As usual, I’m well behind on my writing and posting or ramblings. However so much has happened lately that I am inspired to ramble for a few minutes. (If you’re interested in how the latest workshop turn out just click here and go to the workshop section.

The high light of the past month has been Yolande’s graduation from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. It’s a heady feeling to have the last kid through University. It is also really scary to graduate these fantastic arty creative souls with the burden of huge student loans and little hope for any arty creative employment that would quickly pay it off. Perhaps the only people who go to Art School should be the independently affluent with well to do parents or partners. Unfortunately often these students are the sons and daughters of artists. As such they qualify for huge student loans but this as a mixed blessing. They can get the education but then after graduating they’re quite effectively in leg irons with the crippling debt that they carry.

I managed to get through university with a minuscule student loan, great summer jobs and very helping parents. Still to have maintained myself as an artist has been very precarious. Now at the other end of the spectrum, the practising artist who’d love to retire (no no I never will retire from making art but yes I’d love to retire from running a gallery and retire from having to make safe art that night sell), I want to, need to, have to, retire into a space where I can unleash all of my creativity. This is almost impossible with no retirement benefits. I wouldn’t have traded my artistic life but if I’d really understood what it means to enter the senior years still worrying about money then I think I might have opted to have a creative salaried job and made my art on the side. This was what my artist mother recommended to me and I thought she was out to lunch!!! Could it have been that she had a valid point?

Anyways enough of that rant. The celebration of Yolande’s graduation was a one night exhibition of her work in my gallery. It was a huge buzz to see someone else’s work on my walls. And then the fact that it was my own daughter’s work made it even more exciting.
yolande_textmedium  yolandes_exhibition3_textmedium
We worked for a day to hang all her work and for more than a day to patch all the holes and rehang my paintings for the summer season. But it was certainly worth it. I am so proud of Yolande.

As you can see from the new paintings I am back painting outside. Last night I had a Robert Pope Foundation meeting in Halifax. Jim is away with the car at meetings for the hospital board that he volunteers on so I closed the gallery for the day and drove Danica into work in Truro and took her car onto Halifax. I arrived at Portuguese Cove before 10 AM and set to work
Portuguese Cove Fish Shed
By 6:45pm I was exhausted and could hardly get up off my stool. I was also exhilarated.

Then I went to my board meeting quite dishevelled and grungy. I guess this is why artists always get such a bad reputation. It an exciting time for the Foundation. Bill Pope’s vision is still big and fantastic despite the fact that he is aging. Now the role for the foundation members is even more important since we will be carrying this vision forward. It has been a huge blessing for me to be on the Robert Pope Foundation Board. I have several of my own tiny projects but I see the Foundation as a major vehicle to really be able to help both the arts and medicine. I’m sure I bring my own creative perspective to the board and it is an interesting mix of board members including medical people, business people, art teachers and working artists. Because of Bill and Isobel Pope’s incredible energy, vision and tenacity, the board has the funds to be able to continue to do wonderful and worthwhile projects.

its_my_partyem_textmediumLast week I had a wonderful time creating a new work called “It’s my party, and I’ve create what I want to” for an exhibition called It’s my Party that opens this Saturday at the Destination Gallery on the Main Street of Parrsboro. Anyone in this area should check out this exhibiton in person!

Also Ship’s Company Theatre will soon resume for the season. If you’ve never been to the Ship, I would recommend that you take in one of the plays. I have seen some of the best theatre that I have ever seen anywhere in the world right in Parrsboro at Ship’s Company. It’s professional theatre at it best. They deserve our support!!!!!!