March 6th, 2008

Twenty-third report from Peru.

Well the trip is winding down but still we,re having allot of fun. At noon today we heard and saw a military band and a marching carrying flags perform in front of the presidential palace in the main the square. Men in beautiful uniforms of blue and red with gold trim and buttons goosestepped around. We laughed about the security; riot police with shields and weapons formed a barrier, then another line of police with machine guns, plus tanks with guns on top on the four corners of the square, plus all the marching and playing was behind a huge iron fence. It seemed like overkill. A chap in a plain brown uniform was in the main doorway- we found out later that he is the president of Peru!!!!!!

Later we sampled a particular Peruvian sweet, sort of like a hot fried donut filled with custard. Yummmmmmy

We spent the afternoon at the National Gallery of Art for Peru. It was a ho hum collection of post colonial, European style painting and a fantastic collection of preColumbian ceramics.

This evening we hosted our first Peruvian beer party. Jim and I brought two large cold cervasas to our roof terrace and as folks happened by we asked them to join us. I had to keep nipping out to buy more beer! It was a great little party with lots of countries represented.