March 16, 2013

The Adventure of Table and Dog

In the daytime, when the people were up, it looked like a very ordinary wooden table. It was a bit battered, and maybe a little bit old fashioned.  Usually, Dog, hovered close by hoping that somebody would drop a bit of food.

At night, when all the people were asleep,  Table was not a bit ordinary.  In fact,  Table was totally extraordinary. 

Every night,  Table sprouted feet, four very different feet and all four had a mind of their own.  Rubber Boot always wanted to go fishing.  Flipflop wanted to see the world, and Hiking Sneaker wanted to take Dog on a walk to the bay.  Stiletto was the only one that was happy.  She didn’t want to go anywhere. She just liked to pose and look beautiful.   But she did wish that the others would stop pulling and fidgeting. 

familytable edited-1em

Night after night, year after year, the four feet pulled in four different directions.  They never got anywhere and they constantly complained to each other.  Eventually they just stopped pulling and  talking.  

One night, Stiletto decided to talk to the others again.  “I am finding it so boring and quiet all alone.  I can’t travel the world or stomp down to the bay or up into the hills to fish, but if you three will carry me, I’ll go along on your adventures.  I can pose and look beautiful anywhere and I do like to see new things”.

The other three legs suddenly came to life and nodded in agreement.  Now, we are getting somewhere they thought.  Sneaker and Boot winked to each other.  One of them liked the salt water bay and the other enjoyed a fresh water lake filled with fish, but essentially they both just liked to be out of doors.  All four of them loved Dog.

“What is it that you like about travelling the world?”  Boot asked Flipflop.  

“I love to see new things and to have adventures.”  Flipflop replied.  

“Well” said Sneaker  “If we promise that you’ll see new things and have adventures, will you come along with us?  If the footing is too rough in places, you can even rest with Stiletto and Boot and I will carry you.”

Flipflop thought for a moment.  She really did prefer seeing new countries but she was getting very bored just standing in the kitchen.

“Okay” she said.  “But remember you promised me adventure.”

In the blink of an eye, Table was out the door and heading up the road.  The moon was full.  The stars were bright. All four feet were quivering with excitement.   Stiletto posed and preened while being carried along.  The other three strutted for miles. Dog  happily bounded along side. When they came to a steep uphill path, Flipflop was happy to have a nap and let Boot and Sneaker climb up and up.

At the top of the mountain was a beautiful mirror-like lake.  Everyone was dusty and tired and they all agreed to wade into the lake to cool off.  Even Stiletto forgot about being perfect and teased the others by kicking water at them.  When they were tired of playing, they flipped the table over and floated gently out onto the lake. Dog loved being the captain of the ship. They were  all having such a good time, that they didn’t notice the current that was moving them towards a little waterfall and rapids.

Suddenly the table plunged over the edge and down the falls.

“Wheeeeee!” squeeled Flipflop.  “This is a wonderful adventure!”

“My, my,” shouted Stiletto.  “I never thought that I would go white water rafting! This is wonderful.”

Sneaker and Boot weren’t quite as happy.  They were too busy looking out for big rocks and obstacles like fallen trees.  When they were in danger, they would shove their feet out to keep the table from getting hurt.  

Dog just hung on for dear life.

At the end of the ride, Boot and Sneaker were ecstatic.  It had been a terrific adventure for everyone.  Even Dog had loved it.  In the early morning, before Boot, Sneaker, Flipflop and Stiletto returned to sleep as perfectly ordinary table legs, they planned the next night’s adventure.    They agreed that tomorrow night would be an adventure to the bay.  After that, maybe the world.