March 28/29, 2011

March 28 (or 29 since we have crossed the dateline)

On the 26, I was up at 5 and off to the Halifax airport with my friend, Laurie Gunn.  Laurie and I did allot of traveling together before I married Jim.  Jim is marvelous to travel with as well but this trip he opted out of. Instead he's been visiting his son and grandsons in Texas and today he starts hiking a part of the Appalacian Trail.

Laurie and I arrived in Boston around 9 am and took the tube to the Boston Museum of Fine Art. We had a great day. The five hours that we spent at the gallery were good for my soul. I am always inspired and intimidated by master pieces. I always feel a huge bond with the French Impressionists; partly because I love the strong compositions and their glorious use of colour, as well I feel a kinship with the entire process of finding the inspiration and then the entire process of making it my own.

After several hours of soaking up paintings, Laurie and I saw the photography exhibition and 

then saw the ancient art collection. Boston Museum  has an astonishing collection of Egyptian mummies and saw wonderful old old pots. It is hard for me to be wowed by old pots since being in Greece at Aquitira but definitely I always feel a real kinship with these early artists whose work lives on.

After a full day in Boston we returned to the airport and caught a flight to LA. 

Luckily our very late arrival meant we didn't have to be interested in LA on arrival. It was enough to get a shuttle to our hotel and crawl into bed.

Yesterday we were up and feeling peppy and after a great breakfast we decided to do a full day tour of LA .

So I have now been to Hollywood, the Chinese Theatre, Rodio Drive, and the best spot Venice beach. At 2:30 Laurie and I were dropped off at Universal Studio. Naively I expected to learn about film making. Still we did have a fascinating backlot tour and our trolly was attacked by dinosaurs, an earthquake, a flash flood and a shark. We also witnessed a giant car crash complete with sound and flames.

Back at the amusement park we were less than excited but we still really enjoyed a shrek experience in three d and a Simpson's rollercoaster that actually never left a small room but was done with robotics

We also went on a Simpson's roller coaster ride. The intriguing part was the technology. The roller coaster never actually left the small room but with movement, sound and animation we took a hair raising ride with hug lead balls rolling towards our car and the collapse of the roller coaster trestles that sent us plunging to our deaths which we miraculously survived. 

Our subsequent ride from LA to New Zealand was thankfully uneventful.

We have now arrived in Aukland and are awaiting take-off for Wellington