June 25th, 2007

Joy and Yolanda

Here's the Finished Painting

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Yolande took me on a splendid picnic today at Partridge Island, one of my favourite places.

                                   Yolande and Joy discover new view of Partridge Islandem

Not only was the picnic delicious, it was also very healthy.

Then she gave a tour of her scenic painting done for the set of Ship's Company Theatre.  It was amazing.  A huge stage of plywood had been painted to look exactly like old worn weathered pine boards.  She also had a big pile of old beams (which she easily lifted with one hand because she had made them out of ply wood and they were hollow.  Most amusing were the set of scuba tanks made with cardboard, styrafoam, plumbing supplies and candy thermometers.

Before I left on the picnic, I painted in our back yard.