June 23, 2007

Vasili and Us

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I'm having a marvellous day off today. Jim and I went into town for breakfast and then to Searles Nursery to pick up Vasili, our Russian Olive tree. Vasili was a wedding present from Shawna and Annie, two of my high school friends who still are very important in my life. Vasili is named after my Grandfather Snihur who hailed from the Ukraine. We thought it was close enough to Russian. My family never knew that my grandfather's name was Vasili, but rather they thought it was Wesley and Wesley is on his tomb stone-- Also my Dad was named after him. My grandfather was always called Bill and my Dad was called little Billy. When he met my Mom she said if your name is Wes why do people call you Bill. He said he had no idea why and she called Wes ever after. My sister was doing research on line after everyone was dead and solved the mystery. Vasili is William in Ukrainian hence the Bill and doesn't Wesley sound allot more like Vasili than William sounds like Vasili. Anyways Vaisili, our Vasili is twice as big as he was supposed to be so we shall have to dig a humungeous hole for him. We also bought him two feed bags of goat manure that is sure to help him settle in. 


Then on the way home with Vasili hanging out the back of the truck, I saw a marvelous rocking chair like the one I love to paint for sale in front of the Antique Shop in Great Village. Well back I went and although I didn't end up buying the rocking chair out front, I did buy two other old ones that I will paint up red and green and put on stripped cushions. I suspect that they will be in lots of future paintings.