June 13th, 2008

Today Laurie and I had a fantastic morning. She came over for coffee since I was in the gallery and brought everything to do some wool dyeing.Laurie&Joywithdyeiing (Another wonderful surprise birthday present for me!!! Laurie's the friend that blindfolded me on one birthday and drove me to a private fiddle concert. Another birthday she arranged for a tour of a wonderful old house!)

Laurie had learned this new wool dyeing technique at rug school this May and I could hardly wait to see how it was done. Instead of pots of boiling dye this one had small jars of dye and it was painted on the wool and then the wool was microwaved!! We made allot of swatches of dubious quality but the method has huge potential. It's cost effective for the dye and also lots of fun with a limited mess!!!!!!