July 6th, 2007

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I had a doctor's appointment in Halifax in the afternoon of Thursday which was yesterday.   Laurie and I decided to make it fun and we left at 8 AM on Wednesday.  What a wonderful toddle we had.  We arrived in Chester, on Nova Scotia's south shore just in time for coffee and a delicious rhubarb tart. Then we checked out the houses, the flowers and the galleries.

Onward to Lunenburg where we checked into our accommodations and then went to my favourite restaurant for lunch. Magnolia's.  I had Alma's Tunisian Vegetable stew- and it was great as always.  After lunch we spent several hours wandering around Blue Rocks taking photographs The Old Black Smith Shop Gallery in Lunenburg represents me so we had a little visit there and I was pleased to see that I have a lovely bunch of paintings on display.  Then we happened across a wonderful photography gallery.  Besides feeling inspired and a humble that I call myself a photographer,   Laurie and I picked up allot of ideas of stuff we can try with our new printer.

After a quick rest and a relax in the hot tube at our motel, we headed back into the heart of Lunenburg for more photography and supper.  Although there were many restaurants to choose from we ended up back at Magnolia's and had another fabulous meal.  This time, I had mussels and pasta with wine, garlic and parmesan cheese. We were still taking photos after dark.


Yesterday we were up bright and early and headed into Mahone Bay for a morning of eating and gallery going.  (it was raining so the photography wasn't great but we manage to still get some shots)  I popped my head into the Lahave Bakery of Mahone Bay and the asked where we should have breakfast.  She recommended a second had bookshop and cafe and it was the absolutely perfect.  Despite the drizzle we drank our coffee outside under the grapes and enjoyed a muffin and a biscuit to die for.  Food being important on this trip we popped back into Lahave Bakery and got more recommendations from the baker.

The most Amazing Chocolate brownie and fresh tomato soup as good as the best I've had in Spain was recommended and also then enjoyed at the Kiwi Cafe in Chester.

One highlight of the trip for me was our visit to Suttles and Seawinds. They sell wonder fabric in lots of patterns and colours for quilt making. I was looking for some interesting fabric to make cushions for my painted rocking chairs which are almost finished.
Luckily I was wearing the same sandals that I was wearing when I painted the chairs.  There was enough splatter on the shoes to match up the colours!