July 19, 2011

This morning, when I awoke at 6:30, the air was still and warm, and
the marsh was shrouded in  fog; the sun  a low glowing spot that just
dissolved into the gray.  The muted trees were glorious in their
peacefulness, just barely there and fading to nothingness.  As I
walked through the long grass to the river, the path was strewn with
intricate spider weavings.  Like an exhibition at eye level, I
savoured each circular web and enjoyed their subtle differences.  At
the river, a Greater Yellow legs preened.  Was he enjoying his
marvellous reflection?  On the path home from the river to the cabin,
the morning-glories, in all their pale pink splendour were draped on
their glowing yellow/green leaves like garlands decorating the dark
green marsh grass.  My heart and soul was perfectly tuned to the

Suddenly, my dog was missing.  I frantically ran and shouted until
fifteen minutes later I found him, just peacefully standing in the
neighbour’s yard, watching me.