July 10, 2011

Yesterday I was painting in Soleytown.  When I started, it was low
tide and no wind so I started a half sheet watercolour of the red mud,
the cliffs and the sky.  Around 3 pm the wind came up.  Quickly I
filled all my water containers to weigh down all my “Stuff”.  Suddenly
my plastic palette rose into the air, spraying green water over my
painting before it continued on over the cliff.  First things first.
I wet down the painting and got those green spots off before they
dried.  Then I packed up the car since there was no more painting.  My
paints were gone. When everything was safely stowed, I looked over the
cliff.  There was my palette, only part way down and there was a
sturdy rope tied to the guard rail.  I took a deep breath and decided
to go for it.  Going down was easy because of gravity.  I just held
onto the rope and slid on my bottom.  I reached the palette and
grabbed it with my foot.  Unfortunately, when holding the palette, I
wasn’t able to climb the cliff with only one hand.  I pushed the
palete ahead and with two hands on the rope, I slowly crawled up.
When I reached the top, I surprised a carload of tourists who were
taking pictures of the view.  Imagine when they saw this “old woman”
huffing and puffing upward.  I was so relieved and embarrassed when I
made it to the top that I merely wished them a nice day and jumped
into my car and drove off!