January 30th, 2008


Ninth report from Peru.

Jim is still under the weather but we are in Chile and managed to climb the headland and view the military museum. He loved it but I always feel really sad that we are still solving the world´s problems by force instead of compromise and talk. After coming back to our hostel, I headed off to the fish market, I do love to take photos of dead fish. My favourite painting to date is probably the woman weighing fish in Thailand. This afternoon I put on my bathing suit and headed off to the beach. I was walking on the train tracks and when it crossed an area about 15 feet from the ground I just couldn´t do it. I tried twice but then gave up and headed up the hill to the road with a side walk.

I did have a lovely splash in the Pacific. Their were a whole lot of pelicans in the water. Also I got a great photo of a turkey vulture. I am minding the heat. Today my eyelids were sweating and dripping sun block into my eyes.