January 23rd, 2008

Fifth report from Peru.

Jim and I spent the night on a bus traveling through the most amazing mountain moonscape-like scenery on the way to Arequipa. The bus passed every other vehicle except other buses despite the fact that the road was continuous switchbacks up and down and around with very very dramatic drop offs. Most of the area had no vegetation but every now and again there would be a valley filled with lush green, set against the brown rumbly rock set again snow capped volcanoes. I would suppose that snow capped volcanoes would ensure that they are no longer active. Upon our arrival at 9 am we caught a taxi to our first choice for a hostel from our tour book. It was too expensive so without looking at the room we left. Lucky we did because the hostel manager followed us out and offered us the same room for 40 soles ($15) less and we snapped it up. It´s in an old grand cas right in the centre of Arequipa and all the local sites are within walking distance. It is really nice to visit a town without the destruction and total devistation of an earthquake, although this place has had it´s share of earthquakes as well.womanknittinginaraquipa23