January 22nd, 2008


Fourth report from Peru.

Jim and I have had the past two days hiking around Nasca. We set out for the mountains but arrived at the river. The river is fast and low and only runs in Jan Feb and Mar. It was filled with familes trying to get cool by laying in the water. Older women in dresses were laying on the river bottow. Groups of old men, young men and little boys were laying on the river bottom. It was certainly hot enought that I could have easily joined them. Today we visited a potter and it was just fasinating how she made her pots. Her glaze brushes were ball point pens with babies hair for bristles. Now in addition to my pack and a bag with painting supplies and camera etc I am lugging a pot. Tonight we are leaving the desert coastal area and taking an overnight bus to Arequipa our first stop in the mountian.