January 21st, 2008

Third report from Peru.

It was thirty-two years ago today that my Mom died. I still miss her and feel her influence. Due to our illnesses we decided to spend an extra day in this lovely oasis of Hachachina. Yesterday I did two sketches, one of the luguna and one a reflection of the umbrellas in the swimming pool. Then we set out by tuk tuk to Ica. The regional museum there was excellent. We saw textiles and ceramics spaning the four cultures from 1600bc until the Incas in 1500 ad. Certainly the craft tradition is highly developed here and the works are very beautiful. The pieces on display were all cerimonial pieces found buried with mummies. The mummies as well were on display. My stomach was still feeling queezy and I thought it might be hunger

From my guide book of 2001, we located a restauant and got a tuk tuk to take us there. It was a big cement hall with a few Peruvians eating at plastic tables and a small band was playing. The guitarist singer was very good and the passion of the latin american music came through even though we couldn´t understand a word. The menu was totally in Spanish and noone had any English. I though I ordered a vegetarian lunch´sans carne. To my surprise I got a huge lump of chewy beef and a dish of lima beans and guinea pig. This is all part of the experience of travel. Today we are leaving this area and travelling down the trans american highway by bus to Nasca. We will both miss the relaxed peacefulness of the oasis.relfectionathalkachina6