January 19th, 2008

Second report from Peru.

Jim and I were down and out for a couple of days with illness but yesterday we were both mobile enough to pack up and move on from Pisco. Pisco was so noicy, a cacophony of sound, 24 hours a day and the dust, destruction and devistation were too hard to bear while also being ill. We arrived at Hakachina a lovely oasis in the dessert. Luckily the first hostel we went to l checked out the room before letting the taxi go and we opted to spend alittle more and have a window. Hopefully we will also not have bed bugs. We are covered in bites. Our hostel is luxurious and quiet and has a huge huge sand dune just behind it. Last night while we were playing cards and sipping wine there was another after shock from the quake. I really wonder about all that sand.

This morning at 7 we set out hiking up the mountain of sand. I´m sure Jim was back having breakfast before I huffed and puffed my way to the top. But what an incredible experience to be on the top of a narrow sand ridge looking almost vertically down at the tiny oasis in the distance. This morning we took a tour of three Ica bodidas, ie wineries. Again we travelling through allot of area that was leveled by the earth quake. It is hard to rationalize the luxury, quiet and cleanliness of the oasis with the life that many Peruvians are forced to lead especially as a result of the enormous earth quake last August.

Not much painting the last couple of days but the camera is clicking and I am starting to feel better. I have been drawing the parrots in my journal and I certainly am having a hard time with them. They are wonderful, colourful, takative and they never seen to stand still.

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