February 1, 2010

Princess Underwear


The other evening I was sitting at a concert.

I was wearing my best clothes,

A soft dark shirt and trousers,

With a flowing purple silk blouse over top.

My winter coat was warm and down filled,

And slung on the back of the chair.

I felt good because I looked good.

All of my clothes that showed were from

Louie’s second hand shop.

I love shopping here.

It’s like fishing. 

You never know just what incredible

Fish you will catch.

Underneath, my Louie’s catch,

I was dressed in princess underwear.


Earlier in the week,

I had made my first visit to Lily’s Lingerie in Halifax. 

I explained to the young clerk of bra fitting,

That my shoulders often ached and rather

Than add one more complaint to

My litany of health problems,

I was going to spare my family doctor,

By procuring a new bra.

The next thing I knew,

I was modeling my gray worn bra

And having my very first bra fitting.

My clerk chose numerous bras for me to try,

She waited outside the curtain while I put each one on,

And then she assessed the bra and me:

Too big, too small, just right.

She showed me how

To tuck my breasts in place,

And told me of the necessity of keeping the back of the bra high.

Feeling a little humbled that

I had worn bras for forty-seven years without

Knowing these essentials,

I added what I did know.

“Only bring bras on sale.” I stated.

After we had narrowed the selection to one perfect bra;

Only $ 239 less 30%,

My clerk asked me if I’d like to try the matching panties.

Of course, I said boldly.

When the panties arrived, they were priced at $ 119 each.

Sadly I gulped and decided to pass.

My clerk then admitted that she had panties on sale too.

Soon a rack was pushed next to my curtain.

Over my old gray knickers,

I pulled on some of these  expensive  bits of lycra and lace.

The thongs I left on their hangers,

As I couldn’t imagine ever being comfortable

Walking around with my bottom bare.

Eventually I settled on a couple of pairs of panties.


Lucky for me, I quite often drop in to Louie’s

To fish for new clothing.

And lucky for me, I managed to exist

For fifty-nine years before checking out Lily’s.