January 19, Ada Foah, Ghana

This word picture was written by the two of us while enjoying cold beer!

Jim: In Africa, thank god for cold beer.

         I'm married to an artist.

One is important to survive the other.

Joy: The adobe huts are brown and dusty.

People mend nets, bath and cook.

I smile, say hello and soak it all in.

Jim: My mother never made it to Africa.

.My father never made it to Africa.

My mother and father never drank cold beer.

Joy: Jim: Don't wreck that map.

Why are you carrying your pack?

What are you putting on sun screen for!

Joy: I am sorry.

Jim: Walking on the dirt road by fishing huts,

Wobbly legs, heat stroke coming.

"All inclusive". - cold beer

Joy: A buzzard circles overhead.

We are old enough to be fodder

Yet we savour the miracle of here.

Jim: Kelsey, Danica and Yolande like cold beer.

Jeffrey, Alex and Bryan like cold beer.

Would any of them like Africa?

Joy: "Tempt not your god fashions"

"Wait upon The Lord beauty salon"

"Annointed Peace and love; fish and fashion"

Is death the only way to an easier life?