January 19, 2012

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Today I spent a lovely day with four friends; two old friends and two new friends.  One of these friends,, Liz ,has been a friend for thirty seven years.  Janice has been a friend for twenty-five years.
Somehow these two also became friends.  They had a little craft group with two of their other friends, Susan and Nancy and lucky for me I have been welcomed into this group and now I have two new friends as well.


Today we got together at my house for crafts.  I think we did more laughing and eating than anything.  I took a photo on the timer of the five of us as old apple dolls and then a photo
of us in our glory!  We're going to take another photo in fifteen years and see if we truly look like old apple dolls!
I'm a new felter and I love it.  You just poke bits of wool with a felting needle and voila "a creation"
Today as we talked and knitted and felted, I thought how important all of my friendships are.  I am so blessed.  I still have my oldest friend, Cathie Smith.  Cathy and I met when I was three.