January 17, 2016 Ghana

On the Trotro to Ada Foah

The Trotro bumps and rattles along

The dusty rough gravel road,

With its' occasional patches of pavement.

Clutters of windowless adobe houses with thatched roofs

Are a run with goats, chickens and small children.

Men wield pick axes, 

Nap on benches,

Or play road side checkers

Under woven grass shades.

Women wash, and cook.

They tend children and farm.

Their skinny brahma cattle eek out a living

On the flat parched land.

Smoke from burning grass fills the air.

A billboard offers a herbal miracle cure for asthma.

Dry ploughed fields

Are brown and empty

Except for intricate ant hills the size of houses.

Suddenly there is a splash 

Of road side colour.

Baskets of

Rich burgundy onions,

Sizzling red tomatoes

And glowing yellow melons,

Are crops for sale

From a rare irrigated patch of land.