January 16, Accra, Ghana

Having had two days in Accra, I felt I was now comfortable enough to sit out and paint. Jim walked me back to the shop where I had done all the little portraits on day one. The first thing that caught my eye was a stack of large empty blue water bottles with red caps. I set to work on a sketch as they were loaded one by one onto a truck. For my next sketch, I noticed the colours and shine on the glass pop bottles and their metal caps. I can feel the influence of the recent studio silver still life's; I am looking for the little details within instead of the bigger picture.  I am loving the oh too familiar logos of Pepsi, Coke, Nestles, Fanta. Now that an entire day has been spent on a quarter sheet watercolour of these pop bottles, I am already anticipating doing a large, super realism studio oil painting when we get home.

A new game was invented while I was sitting on the street painting today. Three tiny children were wrestling very very close to me. I kept anticipating that one would land on my lap. Often they completely blocked my view. Then I would wave them aside and when they obliged I said "Thank-you". Suddenly they were jumping into my view, waving madly, jumping aside and then shouting "Thank-you" over and over and over again.