February 7th, 2008


Twelfth report from Peru.

We´ve had several days of hoofing uphill and downhill in LaPaz. I don´t think I´ve ever walked so much. And we´ve had a couple of good meals for less than $ 10. The Turino Hotel where we stayed for three nights was $11 a night and wasn´t really up to Jim´s standards but I quite enjoyed it. It wasn´t your average hotel room for sure but it did have a bano and a window that opened! It was impossible to replace my camera and my credit cards but I have discovered that artistically I just love looking the indigenous people in the eye and I´m enjoying their wonderful faces when I don´t have a camera and I´m not trying to sneak a photo.

I was certainly glad when Carnival ended and the water balloons, water guns, fire crackers and shaving cream stopped being flung at me. My startle response got a huge workout!!!!! Today we travelled in a teeny tiny plane into Rurrenabaque in the interior of Boliva. Jim is an unhappy flyer but with two rum and cokes and several happy pills he survived the flight and the landing on a grass landing strip AND the flight saved us a 15 hour bus ride on the Road of Death so named because it has more deaths than any other road in the world. One lane, unpaved and winding through the Andes and this is the rainy season!

Tonight we had an amazing supper next to a tributary of the Amazon and it was so beautiful as the sun dropped. Tomorrow we´re off for a three day pampas tour to see animal (and snakes!)