February 5th, 2008

Eleventh report from Peru.

Yesterday we again braved the Arica bus terminal and got a bus to LaPaz Boliva. The bus ride was nine hours and luckily I had a book in english (Eva Luna) that got me part of the way. I enjoyed the book because of the insite into South American politics and history. I enjoyed crossing the Andes, but later in the trip I was quite unsettling because of the clips of rock videos that went on and on and on and on. Part way, the bus stopped at a gas station and the bus porter empltied all the used foil snack boxes on the road for the dogs to clean out and the wind to disperse. Along the way we saw lots of laundry drying on top of sun dried mud walls. Clothes lines do not seem to be used here.

Then when we arrived in LaPaz, Carneval was in full tilt. Everything is closed, everyone is partying and shooting water pistols, cans of shaving cream and fire crackers. Although we walked two hours to the Canadian Consul this morning it doesn:t open until Wed (thankgoodness for lent) nor can we change any money or work on getting credit cards replaced and replace my cameral. Anyways we are seeing allot of LaPaz on foot.

And its an interesting, beautiful decaying city, built in a small valley between snowcapped peaks. Its the world's highest capital. Jim and I can both feel the altitude. We have a very sleezy place to crash but it has character, a window that opens, a door that looks, a bed and a bano. So life is good.