February 20th, 2008

Sixteenth report from Peru.

We are now in a hotel in Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. The area is mounainous with a huge huge high altitude lake and so it looks quite lovely. It is poluted with tourists and many of them look like they´ve been tourists for a very very long time and have slightly switched into vagabonds. This may be because it is so cheap. Our hotel is about $6 a night and Jim is itching to move to a more upper class place with hot water and maybe toilet paper and towels!

Yesterday before catching the bus from La Paz, we again went to Canadian Consul to pick up a replacement it's only use is with a pin number in bank machines. And you guessed it. There is no way to get a pin number. I was so frustrated that when we got back out on the street, I had a little cry. Jim said if I´d just turn my hand the other way up that it would bring money. I turned over my hand and there I was-- one more beggar on the streets of La Paz. Of course then I had a good laugh and felt much better.

Our bus to Copacaban was also an experience. Turns out we booked the bargain bus. Once the bus was full at the bus station, it continued to stop for indigenious people all along the route. Of course they were ladened down with many children and also stuff that had to be put up on the roof under a tarp and then when they wanted to disembark we again stopped and they climbed up on the roof to retrieve their belongings. This added greatly to the length of the trip. When we finally arrived the driver dropped my pack from the roof onto the road but luckily our photo cds (all that remain of the early photos I was able to take before the camera was stolen) didn´t break. For once lady luck was on my side.

Tomorrow we are off by boat to the Island of the Sun, the Incan birth place of the world. I will write more in a few days when we return.