February 15th, 2008

Fifteenth report from Peru.

Today I really anted to go to a village and so we found the bus station and arranged for a taxi to drive us to El Cibu the closest village. We thought the driver said said it would be 8 bolivianos but it was actually 80. So we didn´t ask him to pick us up. The village looked like nothing but a tiny field with a school and couple of huts in the trees. Anyways we poked our heads into the three classrooms and school wasn´t in during that moment. None of the teachers spoke any English and the kids speak Tacano . Anyways I fished out my tiny replacement paint box and soon had the entire school population gathered around me. Of course they loved the teeny tiny brush and the teeny tiny water bottle. After doing a bunch of the kids in one sketch I moved out to the field and did one of the school. I left both sketches behind and also some of the little cards with my three kids singing in the rain. The kids in this village have no electricity and live in tiny huts and just loved everything I did. because I didn´t have any competition!

After we said goodbye we walked down a path to a house and found an older woman. I shook her hand and wished her good day and she invited us to sit and got one of the school kids who had followed us to climb a tree and get oranges for us and then brought out bananas. Jim was flabergasted and it was a high light to his trip and mine too. This school has no books or supplies so we´re hoping to send them some, especially some art supplies.

Then we started the long walk home. It was over two hours in the very very hot noon day sun on a rough gravel and sand road. A chap we talked to this afternoon said that it was very dangerous and we were very lucky. I was more concerned with my exhaustion and the heat. It was so hot and tiring.