March 12, 2011

Today it feels like spring.  Its been raining all day and the snow is dissolving and disappearing.  Tomorrow is day light saving maybe a few weeks earlier than years ago but that still means that winter is licked.


Around our place in rural Nova Scotia, we have a delightful tiny white flower with pale pink stripes that always blooms early May.  Its called a Spring Beauty and I love to find them.


Sprmg UglyemUnfortunately we also have Spring Ugly.  Spring Ugly isnt the fault of the government.  It cant be blamed on a freak of nature nor even really on big corporations.  Spring Ugly is caused by everyday rural Nova Scotians who dont seem to have any problem tossing their Tim Hortons cups, their beer cans or their cigarette packages out of their car windows.  Today because the snow is receding, I found Spring Ugly: six Tim Hortons cups, one beer tin, one cigarette package and one Campbells Tomatoe Soup tin all within a hundred meters of my house!