February 24, 2016. Lake Bosontwe, Ghana

Lake Bosomtwe is Ghana's largest lake and was created by a meteorite more than million years ago. It is about an eight km diameter circle and more than 90 feet deep in places. Local legend has it that no metal can touch the lake. Hence the commercial fishing that goes on in the lake is done from long low wooden boats paddled by hand.

It is hotter here than ever before and Jim and I are wilting. Although some people swim in the lake, it may have bilharzia. We aren't taking that chance. We did go wading, but the sand getting to the water was so hot it was painful. Jim is determined that we will get accommodation with air conditioning at our next stop on the west coast. Cold showers provide temporary relief and cold beer is still a restorative.

We continue to enjoy the many manly colourful lizards that strut their stuff by doing push-ups to attract us and the smaller plainer females.We also love the crows that all appear to be wearing white undershirts and the many flycatchers with their long bills and a couple of very long tail feathers.

Word Picture
February 24, 2916, Ghana

The dry season is here.
Day after day of sunshine,
Day after day of heat.
Every little stream bed becomes dry.
Trees loose their leaves.
The land is brown everywhere.
The adobe houses with 
Their thatched roofs only amplify the 
Lack of colour.
Women wrap their bodies
In swaths of bright colours.
They are the splashes of 
Reds, yellows, greens that catch your eye.
After several months of dry, hot and brown,
There is a strong wind.
The sky darkens and rumbles.
The temperature plummets.
The rain begins.