February 19, 2016 Abetemin, Ghana

One day a week the villagers of Abetemin volunteer to help work on the schools! A few years ago they finished a junior high school so the villages children now are in school three years longer. Here the villagers are helping finish the new primary 1 and 2 school. It is already being used. 79 students and one teacher who must be a saint! 
Jim and I met with the village chief when we arrived in the village and before we left. I gave his mother, also a special person, one of Danica's necklaces. There can be no photos of the chief unless he is dressed in his royal attire.
And here is one short word picture

Word picture

A half dozen,

Tiny black children with lively eyes

And large white grins,

Play, wrestle, shout and shove

For an hour

In the dirt around my feet.

Their heads are all shaved short.

But I can tell the girls from the boys

By their clothing;

Little boxy dresses, or shorts.

They call me " obruni".

And beg for my empty water bottles;

Toys to drum on, throw and kick.

One small girl, 
maybe a year and a half old,

Who has never before

Walked on a plank over a ditch

Manages this feat,

No longer will she be carried on someone's back,

She is now one of the gang.

Maybe the gang has three year old in charge

But maybe not.