February 25, 2010

I’m having an exciting time in the studio playing with acrylics and oils.  I love the oils.  They’re bold and buttery and it’s just pure fun.  However since my winter studio is very close to the bedroom, the smell is too invasive.  Also since I’d love to be able to work outside in the summer, I want to work be able to work in acrylics, just because they dry quickly.  The acrylics are a challenge.  Yesterday I spent the day working on a glorious sky.  When it was dry, I put some details over the top.  The details weren’t just perfect so I tried to lift them with a little damp tissue.  OOPS  off came all the sky right back to the pink underpainting!  Today I did a test of the six different brands of acrylic paints that I happen to have.  Several lifted when dry.  I now have to figure out if this is a brand problem or is related to individual colours.

It is always great fun to learn new stuff. 

Early Morning Halifax_em

Last week, Jim and I were in Halifax for a couple of days.  Early one morning I saw this view up Quinpool Road.  I’m sure that this small painting will gradually morph into a large work at some point.


Joy's Starry Night Shirt

This afternoon, my daughter Danica dropped in to bake one of her polymer clay masks in my oven. Last week,  I had bought an additive so that you can use acrylics on fabric.   Danica and I spent the rest of the day each painting a shirt!  It was so much fun!  Tomorrow the two of us are taking in a workshop in Truro on Tissue Paper Collage, and earlier this week, I was dying wool to start a new mat and collecting silk bits to do something glorious on an antique chair that I’ve just acquired.  This is exactly why I needed to stay tucked in the studio this winter instead of happily traipsing around South America.  I needed some time to just play at being creative.