August 18, 2013

The Adventures of Dog and Table

Chapter Two

The next day was really different.  Even though everything looked exactly the same, it wasn’t.    Dog looked like he was sleeping but inside he was quivering with excitement. “Off to the Bay” “Off to the Bay” Off to the Bay” he kept singing to himself.  Table  just sat there in the kitchen with Family all around it.  Sneaker was thinking “Finally I’ll get to feel the good marsh mud again.”  Boot was thinking “If the tide is right we might be able to catch a bass”.  Flip Flop was still dreaming of seeing the world and Stiletto thought “How did I get myself into this; going for a hike on a muddy old salt marsh.” 

When Family all went to bed that night, Table and Dog were out the door.  Sneaker, Boot and Flipflop stomped through the marsh grass to the bay, while Stiletto threw a stick for Dog.  The tide had been really high that day and the marsh was muddy but Sneaker, Boot and Flipflop didn’t care.  They were free and having adventures. Stiletto didn’t like the splitsplats of mud that landed on her.  But what could she say, it had been her idea to go on adventures together.

When they got to the bay, it was low tide.  The moon shone on the mauve mudflats and glistened in the tidal pools.  Table and Dog sat on the shore and watched.  Boot could see that the tide was coming in.  In another four hours, they could try to catch a bass.  Sneaker and Flipflop played a game of catch with the stick.  Dog was in the middle.  He didn’t mind being teased.  Stiletto was just savouring the view and the colours and the beauty.  ‘Maybe I’ll take up painting” she thought.

When the water reach the gravel bar, everyone washed off in the bay.

It felt wonderful.  Just as good as last night.  Then table flipped over. The four friends paddled gently.  Dog looked like a figurehead on a ship as he sniffed the ocean air.

The Four Friends were discussing what they could use for bass bait.

Suddenly, Dog saw a little fish swim by and he knew what he could do to help.  He leapt off Table into the bay, Then he dove down and caught the little fish in his mouth.  All the legs laughed and cheered.

“Our Dog is amazing.” they chanted.

Boot had found some old fishing line with a hook on the shore.  He baited up and cast his line.  At first there were just a few little nibbles.

Suddenly there was huge yank and table started moving though the water out to the middle of the bay.  “Let go, let go of the line.” shouted Sneaker.  “We’ll never get back” cried Flip Flop.  Stiletto was just enjoying herself.  She was a lot braver than she had thought she was.

Boot was trying to untie the line from his leg but the knot was yanked tighter and tighter and Table was flying over the water.  Out in front was a Whale.  Whale swam as fast he could but that only made Table go faster.

Whale knew what to do.  He took a big breath and then dove for the bottom.  Luckily, Boot, FlipFlop, Sneaker, and Stiletto had all taken big breaths too.  Dog was paddling on the surface.  He couldn’t see his Table.  “Where did they go?”  he thought.  Then he looked down into the water and saw his friends.  Dog swam down  until he got near Table.  He grabbed the line in his mouth and chewed and chewed until it broke.  Whale kept going,  He was free at last.   Table floated to the surface.  Boot was shaking, he’d been so scared.  Sneaker was exhausted  from trying so hard to help Boot get the line off.  Flipflop was happy to have had some excitement.  And Stiletto just beamed  at Dog.  “Our hero,” she said.  “You saved the day.”