December 8th, 2007


Our long nosed son, Marsh, is almost a year old now and he certainly enjoys going for walks with us.

Today I sit at the computer looking out at the snowy marsh and thinking about my Christmas Crafts. Every year in December I am hit with the urge to go off in a million different crafty directions. I have several ideas this year including felting up some old wool sweaters and turning them into works of art, hand tinting copies of old family photographs and also turning some old furniture, scavenged road side from clean up week, into a painted work of art. In the new year when I can show you some of these gifts without spoiling any surprises I'll post some pictures.

A real highlight of my life happened on Monday. 
Yolande has been working on her studio painting project and had decided to combine it with performance art. She invited Jim and I as well as one of her favourite profs and her fabulous summertime boss from Ship's Company Theatre for the dress rehearsal. Two of her roommates were also there videographing the performance.
 We were moved and amazed by her piece on creativity. It was brilliantly well done. I am just so proud of Yolande.