October 6, 2010

IMG_1002I have been very fortunate this year to have had two weeks away painting with other artists.  Most of the year, I am working away independently.  This makes it  a very special treat for me to get to talk to other folks who spend their lives being creative.  In July I painted for a week at Port Joli.  My house mates were Richard Rudnicki, Susan Tooke, Bev Hubley, Nelson Hubley, Heather Crout and Bruce Gray.

A couple of weeks ago, I again had a marvellous week painting on Long Island. 

This time the group of seven were Richard Rudnicki, Susan Tooke, Bruce Gray, Susan Paterson, Margaret Boyle, Laurie Gunn and myself.

                                                 Group of seven on Long Island 2

This year’s Long Island Bunch combined with last year’s crew are going to do a group exhibition called; Long Island at Alderney Landing Gallery next August.


Every time I paint in a different location or have the chance to chat with other artists, creative juices start to flow and ideas happen.

Sometimes it’s just a chance remark.  On Long Island, I mentioned to Richard that I had thought when I graduated from University that I would be a sculptor  (and a weaver, potter, print, a writer, etc etc) .  It was a big surprise that most of my life I have just been a painter.   Now that I am 60,   I realize that if I am going to be all of those other things then I had better get at it.   I was lamenting to Richard the high cost of casting sculpture.  He immediately mentioned a friend of his, Margaret van Gurp, and told me that she had a way of making clay busts that could be fired in a kiln.  I was intrigued.


 Last week I emailed Margaret and she described to me her method.  I couldn’t visualize it, so this week my daughter Danica and I went to visit Margaret in Halifax.  What a treat.  Margaret is almost 84 and she had a solo exhibition of her paintings in January.  Several times a week, she goes to Tim Hortons.  She doesn’t go to drink coffee.  She plunks her purse down in front of her to hide her paper and she sketches all the people.   She has thousands of these wonderful sketches.   Danica and I were both captivated.  Margaret also has a few  little video interviews on the internet.  If you are intrigued, google her.  She’s a gem.