July 9, 2012

I never know from one day to the next just what will be my inspiration for that day.  I do try to always remain open to any possibility and I definitely find that one painting usually leads to another and then another until a new tangent presents itself.

Recently I had to make a quick trip to Parrsboro late in the day to drop off some brochures.  Because I love Partridge Island, which is right near Parrsboro, I took my chair and my purse paints and I thought I’d sit on the beach for a bit. The tide was out and I got caught up painting a little ink and watercolour sketch.


The next morning, I was still thinking about this image with the bright green weed at the waters edge. I printed off a photograph that I had taken the day before, but I was surprised that none of the inspiration was in the actual photo.


I decided to head back to Partridge Island to do a small acrylic painting of this idea incase I decided to do a large acrylic studio painting of this image for my next exhibition.   Of course, when I arrived back in Parrsboro, early in the morning to paint, the light was totally different and the tide was high and I ended up doing a completely different image.


Now I have two images that might end up in large studio paintings. And I’m suddenly intrigued with clouds.


The next morning, I just drove about a kilometer up the road from our house and did another acrylic of clouds.

The following day, I hunkered down at Saint’s Rest in Bass River and did a sky and low tide painting.  By mid afternoon, I was still working away, but all of the mud flats and marsh grass were covered with water.  This was all the excuse I needed to pack up and go for a swim.