June 18, 2009

Some days, like today,

A gorgeous, fantastic, warm June day,

I am totally empty of ideas.


I drive and drive all the way

To Parrsboro and back again,

Enjoying the poppies,  flocks,

The lupins, buttercups and twinflowers.


No matter what I see,

Nothing says paint me.


I sit on a favourite beach

At Thomas Cove.

The grass is strikingly green.

Light and shadows are playing

On the orange sand stone cliff.

The water is an intense blue gray,

Supporting the pale cerulean sky.


Still though my heart pulses

With the beauty,

My mind can’t find a painting.


On days such as these,

It is best to stop searching.

It is time only to be kind to one’s self.

With each deep breath,

I relax.