April 3, 2010


Our April weather has been glorious. We actually sat out on the deck and enjoyed a cuppa earlier this afternoon.  I must admit that I love the balmy spring weather that we have been having most of this winter.


There’s a lichen growing on some of the old trees and today I took the camera and tried to capture the light and shadows.  I envision a painting similar to the yellow rock weed with the lichen twisting and turning.


Earlier this week, I was on the road at 4:30 a.m. heading to Halifax and the CBC.  Although I used to be an early riser, I haven’t been up that early for years.  The CBC radio show, Information Morning is celebrating forty years on air and they are planning to do a calendar, with twelve artists doing twelve different paintings all out their studio window.MarchMorningem_edited-2 Of course this is a for free endeavour and all the profits will go to feed Nova Scotia.  But who can saw no to the CBC.  Not me.  As a result, I spent Monday in Halifax taking photos and doing watercolour studies and then I spent the rest of the week painting an acrylic painting entitled “March Morning”.


The other project this week has been dying wool for the new Starry Night mat that I intend to hook as we travel across Canada.  I love making bits of fabric different colours.  I piled up the wool I dyed and every time I walk by it, I drool at the lush shades of reds, blues, yellows and greens.  I really am a colour fanatic.  Jim brought in a multi-coloured plastic table cloth from his trailer and said that we could use it when we are camping.

Never” I said  “I couldn’t eat with those colours around me.”

dyedwoolem_edited-1Obviously some colours, melt my heart and others make me cringe.  I do wonder if all artists have this sensitivity.  Luckily for me, Jim is a patient and understanding fellow and he takes it all in stride.