May 13, 2009

 I’ve always thought time and an open mind and heart are essential  for finding creative ideas and making art.    Actually in this state, the images find the artist and seem to cry out; “Paint me.”  Nothing dries up creativity more than our own needing to be in control or needing to produce the perfect work. 

I often worry that children whose lives are filled with television, computer games and extracurricular activities don’t have time to be bored.  Without boredom, can they be creative?


My friend, Laurie, told me of an idea that she heard on the radio.  When you want to be creative but pressure is blocking ideas, you start reading a page of the telephone book.  After reading some of the names, one’s brain relaxes and creative ideas happen.


The other night, my daughter called on the phone after I was in bed.  I got up and stumbled into the studio to talk to her.  While I was talking and trying to stay awake, I spied some photos that I had taken in South America.  In this relaxed state, the image just worked.  By the time I hung up the phone, I was filled with ideas enough to keep me working for the next week.  After I did a sketch of my woman with vegetables, I started on a half sheet painting.  It was progressing beautifully.  Suddenly I knew I wanted to try it again as a full sheet, with a simplified larger figure and fewer vegetables.  Here are the results.