May 9, 2010

Jim and I are in Banff, Alberta this evening.  We have spent the past
month on the road.  I now have a real appreciation for the grandeur of
Lake Superior, the endless sky and golden glow of the Prairies and the
magnificent mountains.  I did travel across Canada thirty nine years
ago, but somehow I forgot  just how wonderful our country is.

I have been hooking a mat while I enjoy watching the scenery. Little
bits of coloured wool seem to escape from the car every time we stop.
I’m hopeful the birds will make use of them.   Jim’s been doing all
the driving and our “Tilly” (a GPS) does the navigating.  Usually,
Tilly does splendidly.  Occasionally, she does try to get us to take
gravel roads because they are a bit shorter.

We have visited lots of dear friends and family.  The past several
days, we have been visiting Yolande and tomorrow we take her to the
Calgary airport where she flies to New Zealand.  Our Mother’s Day
today has been bitter sweet because I know that I will have to say
“Good bye” tomorrow.

The night before last, Yolande and I went to Calgary to see “Love Lies
Bleeding”; a ballet set to Elton John music.  Our friend, Heather
English, worked on the costumes and she treated us to her two free
tickets.  What a cultural extravaganza!   The ballet’s story is based
on Elton John’s life, his demons, his creative genius, and his
homosexuality.  I am still thinking about those shiny red male bodies
that thrust across the stage.  Yolande pointed out to me afterwards
that actually three of the dancers were female.  In their glittery
padded thongs (and seen from the second balcony), all of the dancers
were incredible men!  No expense was spared on this production.  Over
3.5 million was spent on the six night run, and the costumes, the
dancing, the lighting, the music was all marvelous.  Yolande and I
predict that after some tweaking & polish, this ballet will tour the

When we started out in Quebec and Southern Ontario, the weather was
glorious and warm.   Magnolia’s were at their peak of perfection.
Lately we have had an occasional return to winter and we have spent
three miserably cold nights in the tent, complete with blowing snow.
After each freezing night, the next night we have checked into a
motel.  I have decided that I love heating, plumbing and beds.  I also
love elk, moose, sandhill cranes, gofers, magpies, and mule deer. You
are all in my thoughts and I will attempt to update this saga as we
travel through B.C., the Yukon.