How is a Serigraph Made?

Albert's Porch


A serigraph is made by a stencil process that has been used by artists for generations. Each tone and colour is hand drawn on acetate. These drawings are then transferred onto individual screens, approximately twenty per image. Next the image is proofed which involves mixing and remixing all of the colours until the desired effect is achieved. After the proofing process is complete, enough ink is mixed for the entire edition and adjustments to the screens are finalized.


A squeegee is pulled by hand over each screen to transfer the tone and colour of that screen to each individual serigraph. This process of applying tone and colour is repeated, up to twenty times for each of the screens in the composition. The process is repeated for each print in the series.

 Post Printing
After printing is completed, each print is examined to ensure that the colour, tone and registration of colour is perfect. Each print then receives an individual number above the total edition number and each one is signed and titled by Joy.
Serigraph inks are currently made from top quality Swiss acrylic paint. All of Joy's prints are printed on 100% cotton paper.
The prints are then stored prior to framing and display