Open House Exhibition

Press Release:  Joy Lakings 2010 Open House Exhibition

Dates: Oct 16,17 & 23, 24

Time:   10 am to 5 pm

Place:  Joy Laking Gallery

    6730 Hwy. #2, Bass River, N. S.


Phone: 902 647 2816 or 1 800 565 5899

Email: Night;; Long Island-1.jpg

 For more than twenty-two years, Joy Lakings gallery, near Bass River, 

has featured her distinctive watercolours of Nova Scotias beauty.  Her 2010 Open House Exhibition is Oct 16, 17, 23 and 24 and although some new watercolours are still on display, the theme of this exhibition is Joys leap into doing oils and acrylics.  In the studio last winter, Joy went off in several directions, doing big juicy loose oil stick canvases as well as small controlled acrylics.  Often the small canvases served as studies for larger works.  One of the books that Joy was reading at the time, a novel called Sunflowers, about Van Gogh, led to Joys series of Starry Night paintings.


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In the spring, Joy and her husband, Jim Wyatt, set off in the car for the Yukon and Alaska.  Camping across the country, gave Joy a renewed appreciation for our wonderful country.   Joy took hundreds of photos and did small sketches and quarter sheet watercolours.  Repeatedly she tried to capture the amazing grandeur of mountains with paint.  None of 

Joys on- location paintings managed to capture the gasp of mountain beauty to her satisfaction.

Since returning from this two month adventure, Joy has continued to try to capture the Yukon mountain beautyin her studio paintings. She feels that she succeeds in one new acrylic, called Kluane. This painting is moody and dark with the sunlight breaking through clouds over the mountains.  A strip of light sparkles on Kluane Lake in the foreground.  This painting is displayed at the Open House with 7 of the small sketches that Joy did on-location.  Some of these sketches, especially of the totem poles, are sure to inspire some of this winters work.

Most of this summer, Joy has been standing out in fields, villages or on the shoreline  trying to capture  the light, colour and beauty of Nova Scotia in  acrylic painting.  Acrylic painting done on location has lots of challenges, such as the sun drying the paint on the palette.

It has also resulted in lots of clothes with paint on them.  Although Joy usually paints close to her home, sometimes even just walking down onto the salt marsh, she also travels to other spots around Nova Scotia for one week painting trips.  This year was especially interesting because Joy returned to the two places that she painted in watercolour in 2009.  This years acrylic paintings done in the Port Joli area and also on Long Island, one of the Five Islands, are vibrant and strong.  The eight paintings done during each of the weeks are displayed together for the Open House.

Lakings Open House Exhibition is October 16, 17, 23 & 24.  In addition to viewing all of her new paintings, there are four new prints and a selection of new paintings on greeting cards.   Everyone is welcome.  There is more information at


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Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking