Artist's Statement - Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

It's my Partyem

In this piece I am gently casting off many things. Fist of all, I am creating a piece that is distinctly different from most of my recent paintings. It is an acrylic instead of a watercolour and the clothes that are being cast off are all mixed media. The bra (of sticks and stones) represents the power struggle between the sexes. The panties have small “treasures” from our kitchen junk drawer. It represents the decluttering of my physical space as well as the decluttering of my emotional and mental space. The trousers are woven with shopping bags. This represents consumerism and the fact that most of the food in our bellies comes in plastic bags. I am making a commitment to buy less stuff and when I do buy, to try to buy local goods. The shirt (which usually covers my heart) is knotted with hand dyed bits of wool. Each colour represents a different anxiety (money, death, clogged arteries, global warming, natural disasters and war). As I tied each knot on the shirt, I was trying to shed my anxieties or knots. And now with my clothes nicely shed; ie. hung on the clothes line, I am walking forth naked and free.