2008 Workshop Review

I gave my fourth three day workshop in Parrsboro in May. All spots were filled and the Parrsboro Band Hall turned out to be a just a dandy space.workshop1em_textmedium Everyone enjoyed having their own large table and lamp and I had lots of space to demonstrate. It was also an easy walk to most of the bed and breakfasts. We had glorious weather and managed to paint for half a day outside. As well we had a special guest artist, Michael Chong, from Malaysia attend the workshop. He also gave us a demonstration of Chinese brush painting. We had three days packed with demonstrations, exercises, personal painting, individual help and critiques. The range of experience from the students ranged from Novice to Professional and all the evaluations done at the end of the three days were very very positive. An added highlight to the workshop were the three lunches. 

ptgonlocationem_textmediumDay one we visited Krista Wells in Diligent River. She is an amazing creative soul and I am always inspired by her use of colour. One of the things she is doing right now is making patterns out of bits of photos of dogs. I love them. I also love her polymerclay work.

On day two. we visited Taylor Redmond at the Destination Gallery. She’s another friend who loves colour and does vibrant loose paintings that sizzle with life.

On day three we visited Ship’s Company Theatre. Not only did we have a backstage tour, my daughter Yolande who was a participant in the workshop and is the assistant Stage Manager at the Ship did her Personal Theatre piece that she created in her graduating year at NSCAD for us.

So all the lunches were amazing and we had fantastic food too!!! Spontaneously, we also managed to do a group supper on the Thursday night. My friend, Bruce Gray, who has attended three of the four workshops made a heavenly fish stew and with salads, rolls, desert and lots of wine we had a feast.


I definitely won’t be teaching a workshop this autumn and I’m still undecided about whether I will consider another workshop for next spring and if so just what format it would take. I always love the people in the workshop and I love sharing my love of painting. Unfortunately I can’t seem to do anything just halfway. It has to be fantastic, wonderful, over the top and because of this I spend weeks worrying about the exercises and fine tuning all the ideas. All the worry and planning pays off because the workshop is well planned however I find it a huge stress and I’m not sure that I should continue doing workshops.